Drip sneakers, by Carol Christian Poell, and Understand the Light in All Directions, by Brian Jungen, 2018.

In the 70s, basketball shoes were mainly spotted on the basketball court worn by the likes of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Julius Erving, and Elvin Hayes. Suddenly the tables are turned about a decade later, the general populace started to rock basketball shoes outside of the courts. Many iconic sneakers; including the Chucks and the Jordans, were trampling the pavement around the world in the 80s. Fast forward to the 2000s, has been appearing on the streets regularly for the past few years, both the Chucks and the Jordans start to emerge on the runway of various fashion houses. Furthermore, the Chucks…

Björk, circa 1994

It has become a norm these days to hear a lot of new music that contains some form of a throwback to the bygone era. Lately, we have been witnessing the resurgence of the 80s in pop music through echoing snares, loud synths, and saxophones. Many electronic music artists have also resurrected 80s synthwave back from the dead. Moreover, in the indie scene, various new artists decide to go retro for their sound, incorporating psychedelic or funky tones from the 70s. Considering how easily achievable it is for technologies these days to capture a certain era’s magic, chances are you…

Daft Punk, through the years.

It’s been almost two weeks since Daft Punk decided to put their helmets down. The French electronic duo announces their split by releasing a video entitled “Epilogue” on 22 February, which saw Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo looking at each other for the last time in the middle of a desert before they close the chapter with a literal bang. The video ends with a picture of their metallic hands forming a triangle sign with “1997–2021” written under it, asserting the end of their journey. All hopes were lost for their fans who yearned for their fifth album…

White interior, featuring a white simple floor bed and one small palm tree in front of it.
White interior, featuring a white simple floor bed and one small palm tree in front of it.
From The Bed and Bath Book, by Terence Conran, 1978.

Scrolling through my Instagram feed out of boredom has become a random habit of mine during this everlasting pandemic. Having following a bunch of accounts curating photos related to fashion, furniture, interior, sculptures, painting, and films as my inspo resources, I always found myself liking pictures with similar vibes. Pictures that made me tap my screen twice would always be something that looked pale and quite plain, yet somehow appealing to my eyes. In other words, minimalist-looking stuff would always catch my like immediately. Curious about how Minimalism came to be, I decided to dig around the internet to find…

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